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Most of us grew up that you have to get a proper education, find a job and then work yourself up in that job until you are able to provide for yourself and/or your family. The only problem with this is that it will take you years to get there, said if you get there, however in today’s world that we live in we all know that this is not really the case anymore.

I’m a perfect example of this and to be honest I ‘am so tired of working for an employer. After I finished school I went to study to become a cordon bleu chef. I was full of passion and at the top of my class. I could see my success and that everything was perfectly planned out for me. However this all soon changed when I started working for an employer. With ten years in the hospitality industry I experienced that,

  • Your time becomes your employer’s time, even if it is your off day or you are on leave.
  • You salary stays the same no matter how much of your time or knowledge you put into someone else’s business and dream.
  • You have to work years to get a raise on your salary or get promoted! Prices go up, but your salary stays the same. I’ve worked for 3 years once before my salary went up and I have to add not even with 10%.
  • My employers expected the world of me, but when I expected something in return (like an off day or payment) they tend to change their attitude towards you which result in you looking for another job soon thereafter.
  • Working 60+ hours a week result in unhealthy habits, you don’t have time to spend with your family and overall makes your life hell.
  • To be honest some employer’s actually made me feel like a slave.
  • I can mention a thousand bullet points above, but I’m sure you get the idea and you might have even experience the same. The funny thing is with all my employment the situations where the same.  This made me reach a point where I’m just tired of working for an employer, I’m most certainly is.

I decided that I need to go back to my roots. I was an entrepreneur since I was little and attended a lot of markets where I sold some products. I even had my own shop where I sold groceries to our neighbouring farms, but I’ve never pursued entrepreneurship after school because of how we were raised; go to College or University and get a job. There is so many opportunities out there where we can live the life that we want, we just have to be open and willing to work hard and do whatever it takes.

While I’m SO tired for working for an employer, I decided I  need to start a business where I can determine my own hours, what I do and when I’m doing it. Where I will know that the harder I work, the bigger my rewards will be. If you would like to know how you can do the same then click here to find out more

Since I started my business, things in my life started changing for good. I have a wonderful support team that is with me every step of the way and the journey has been absolutely great and loads of fun. I’m not working on someone else’s dream anymore, but are working on my own dreams now. No more employer and no more of tiredness. I’m making my life and lifestyle premium!

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