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Henno Coetzee Founder Lifestyle Premium

Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me.

I grew up on a farm and moved to the City after I graduated. I started off my career as a cordon bleu chef where I worked for catering companies and restaurants. I soon realized that even though I love cooking, there is no way I can work this hard and many hours year in and out.  I wanted more time for myself and with my loved ones. I then got employed by a very wealthy family as their personal chef. Working as a personal chef was just what I needed at that time because then I had a little more time on my hands, that’s how it seems at first but then, later on, I started working whenever the family needed me and well I was back to square one.

I then applied at a University to study for a Law degree part time to make a career change that I thought at the time would be less hours and more freedom. After working for 3 years for a law firm I realized that most careers these days require a great deal of our time and that being employed is not something I was cut out for.  The struggle I encounter in these careers brought me to the realization that being an entrepreneur is the only way I can achieve my aspirations and to live the lifestyle that I love. I realized that helping people to achieve their goals is more valuable than you can imagine.

This is why I started this online business, where I can work when and where I want to.  I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, business consultant, and online marketer and enjoy assisting like-minded people to succeed in life and in business.

My goal is to teach you the skills in order for you to grow and develop a lifestyle business online of your own, to establish a life of purpose and freedom. I love to travel and see the world. I also cherish spending time with the people I love, it is so important to me and my business is allowing me to do just that.

Using a proven and very successful business system we can help you achieve your goals leveraging the internet. The amazing thing about this business system is that you can determine your own hours of work which will free up time for you to do the things that you always wanted to do, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones and the people you care for.

If you find yourself wanting more out of life, you want to earn more money and to free up some time to spend it on things that matter most to you, then we can help you to reach these goals. The best part of it all is you can do it all on your own terms!