10 Things Poor People Do That Wealthy People Don’t

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1. Wake-up Late And Sleep In

Things Poor People Do That Wealthy People Don’t

Now, this is almost self-explanatory, but you’ll find not one person on this planet that reached wealth by sleeping in late and, although it seems so self-explanatory most people are still failing at this. The thing is you have to start somewhere. Take it slow and gradually wake up earlier every morning. Schedule your time better to assure that you get enough sleep. Soon enough you’ll program your body to wake-up early and it won’t be such a drag. Successful people always wake up in order to have time to plan their day, most of them have a routine, to ensure that they are ready to face the day ahead.

2. Watch A Lot Of Television

This is probably one of the hardest ones to get rid of because we all have that series or show that we just can’t miss an episode. I’m not saying throw your TV out of the window and never think of it again. I’m just saying if you can’t miss an episode, movie or can’t wait to get home to put on the TV and “relax” then you are probably on the wrong path with your relationship with your TV. It consumes a lot of time and it will not bring anything into your pocket and is most certainly not conducive to your life, it will keep you from doing things that will add more value to your life.

3. Eat Fast Food

Another bummer, most people will say they are so busy that they don’t have time to cook or make food and that is why they buy fast food. I would say fast food is more expensive than food you would make yourself and fast food is unhealthy, period. The thing is, what you put into your body is what you will get out. If your body is not getting the nutrition it needs, you will not feel good and you will not function optimally. If you want to be able to handle a wealthy lifestyle, you need to be able to function optimally on a daily basis, feel good, look good and be healthy!

4. Buy Products On Sale and Credit

Now, this is a fine line, but when you buy products on sale it is usually all the products that the people that who can afford, don’t want, and it probably means that you don’t have the money to buy them when they are not on sale. Buying products like clothing for instance on credit are just a means to an end. The interest will probably make you pay double for that product at the end of the day, where you could’ve saved the money rather and then buy the product that you need. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!

5. Have No Money Saved or Aside

Most people are learned from a young age the vital importance of saving. We save for our old age, for a holiday, for a new car or whatever you might think of. However I’m not talking here about saving for your next holiday or your old age, I assume you put that away, in any case, every month or year. What I’m talking about is money you put aside for no reason whatsoever! Money that you can use in emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Take for example when your medical aid won’t pay all your hospital cost, what will you do? This is one of the reasons why I started an online business, I realize that I need to set money aside for no reason and the problem is you can only stretch a salary that far!

6. Take Out Loans For Things That Will Give No Return

Taking out a loan for that new car you always wanted or maybe you need a loan that funds your travel to a destination where you always wanted to go! These loans will definitely not make you wealthy and it most certainly will not get you closer to your dreams.

7. Spend Money Before You Get It

Things Poor People Do That Wealthy People Don’t

A golden rule, don’t spend money if you don’t have it, how many people spend their hard-earned cash before they even received it? Living from month to month is a bad habit, if you don’t have money, don’t spend it on things that will bring you no return. Before I buy something I always ask myself 3 Questions:

1. Do I really need it? And if I do,

2. What can I do to go without it?

3. Would it put money back into my pocket?

Most of the time I will find a way to go without it and leave the shop and never buy what I wanted, by doing this I ensure I don’t buy unnecessarily.

8. Spend Time With Other Poor People

Most of us know the saying, you are the 5 people you spend the most of your time with. I find this to be so true. You need to spend your time most with the people that have the mentality of successful people. If you talk most of the time about negative things in the world you will never be successful, but if you talk about how to overcome negative things and seek growth and evolvement in your life, you will at some point reach your dreams. You need people that talk the same talks and walk the same walk as whou you want to be.

9. Never Follow Through

Don’t quit! The power of success lies beyond you’re not quitting, follow through no matter the circumstances or how hard it is at the moment! Poor people usually are unsuccessful because they quit before they even get started.

10. Believe Other Should Help Them To Reach The Top

No one will be responsible for your success, no one is going to help you achieve it. Once you realize that your success will depend on you and you only, only then you will have total clarity on your path ahead. Other people will not help you reach success, they might just hold you back.

I’ve started an online business and I’m working towards becoming wealthy, creating a life of freedom from these bad habits that don’t serve me and to help as many like-minded people to do the same. By eliminating these habits mentioned I know that it should bring you one step closer to your dreams. I’m definitely seeing the change it brings to my life.

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